Thank you for stopping by my website to learn more about my campaign for Governor of Vermont.

As I’ve traveled throughout the state as your Secretary of Transportation, Irene Recovery Officer and as a State Representative, I’ve met many Vermonters who are struggling. As a mom, a taxpayer, and a community leader, I understand the economic anxiety that so many Vermonters feel.

I have also seen how much Vermonters can accomplish when we come together in the face of challenges. I am confident that by working together we can make our state a place where our economy can grow and where families can thrive.  

I am running for Governor because I want to keep working for a better future for all of us: by growing our economy, supporting working families and preserving our environment for the next generation. I am optimistic about what lies ahead for our state and I look forward to hearing from you about your vision for making Vermont work.

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Sue Minter